Silly Words in Single Syllables

one sound, but this is not the first,

and last time it was her to make words

with one, just one.

five by ten by ten plus one you wrote when I asked for ten by ten at most.

it made me smile your more-than-what-I-want words,

our more-than-some-thing-there time.

now it’s my own time and christ it’s hard to know what to make of it

but make with it is all I know how or what to do.

I want to know though how Not to know you

for a wee while at least.

to write is to bring you back to mind,

back to words and back to that god-I-miss-you time.

but if I could, I would not have you leave for a blank space in mind

for you wrote more in one than I could for you.


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