In This New World (performed poetry)

Welcome to the new world
of the social species
where you can relieve yourself the burden
of shaking hands and hugs on meeting.
create a self and invent yourself
for the world to see
and disregard those physicalities.

I mean, who really likes listening to the
problems of strangers?
But it’s okay if it’s listings of rantings in writing
and liking is liked like a sympathetic ear,
or an ironic jab at our failings.

There are people in this new world
and friends…
Who knew we had so many friends?
And who knew how easy a social life could be
for those of us socially inept
but adept to avoidance of commonalities,
when involved are physical bodies.

Such-and-such is typing
is the body language to aid conversation,
for bodies are redundant
And conversations hold a certain
archived in a second brain,
we can abandon that dated concept of
and progress.

But it makes me sad to think
that we may no longer
set to reminiscing
over a bottle of wine
and think of that time
or that person we’re missing
In this new world.

No longer will we say
after a failed anecdote
‘You really had to be there’
for anyone is anywhere
with print-screen and post.

And no longer will we feel
we had a profound sense of place and being,
for anyone is everywhere
In this new world.

A little or a lot, whatever,
just regress.
Indulge more in those movements
beyond the quick ticking clicking of fingers.
Where after departure, the lips of a lover
still lingers.
Where a hug can dissipate all problems and worries
even temporarily,


4 thoughts on “In This New World (performed poetry)

    • Thanks! I performed this at a poetry slam last weekend, much better than this boring read version. Yep, agreed, we all just need to take a little step back 🙂

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