Morrissey Published under ‘Penguin Classic’? (Everyone, It’s Really Nothing)

So, as many of you may have heard (with criticism following) Morrissey’s autobiography will be published under Penguin’s acclaimed ‘Classic’ range. Makes sense, right?

No. Of course it doesn’t – and many have already made their stance clear on this decision. With that, comes my first opinionated post/anything at all that isn’t poetry or fiction.

I’m asking you all, why does it matter that this is even happening?

First of all, the only demographic that is really going to be bothered by the decision will be the ‘book nerds’ – a broad term I’m using for many of us – lit lovers, students, those involved in publishing, writers and probably shareholders. Oh, and let’s not forget about those vehemently against Morrissey and Morrisey’s ego (let’s face it, they’re two separate entities themselves) and these people may well jump on this as another point of attack. How many reasons must you add to this list, Morrissey?

So, I fall into the ‘book nerd’ category – but I’m not annoyed, nor should you be. Just because it’s published under the guise of ‘classic’ doesn’t mean you should see it as just that. In a way, it could be seen as a blessing. Not only will Penguin (hopefully) rectify their reputation with better future publications to save face, but this move may actually incite more of us to be a little more critical of what we consider a classic.

We’re taught pretty early on that we should consider classics to be good, just because they’re hailed by others and, christ, ‘Pamela’ still makes me shudder. A little more independence of thought is welcome in my eyes, whether it comes from a strange publication choice or not.

That’s it and thanks for reading!

Ps. I like Morrissey’s music – but I’m not a fan of the man himself.
And I apologise for the hastiness of this post. I’ll have another I wanted to write a while ago for my regular readers and followers on here (and elsewhere). Give it a few days!


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