To you, the reader (and a couple of recommendations)

So, as promised on that shambles of a Morrissey post, I wanted to write you all a little something. It’s both a thanks and a reach out to any readers, for fear of my constant posts of fiction and poetry seeming very impersonal. I do keep track on what’s going on here and love that others might too.

I’ve noticed that many of the ‘likes’ and comments I get on this page seem to be from regular readers/one-time listeners, and I really want to thank you for keeping up with my silly little verses, fragments of fiction and other shit I seem to feel the need to spew. I genuinely appreciate it and, believe it or not, those little likes and modest number of views and followers keeps me uploading stuff on here some times. So you’re fueling me too to an extent.

I’ve also noticed a trend of a certain amount of views from facebook, this thanks is for you too!

Now, to the better part. I started this blog in 2010/11 (I think) and to begin with, I’d post work on it very sporadically. I never really saw the benefits of a regular presence on here (until recently). I also didn’t realise how good some of the writers and bloggers on here actually are. I’ll mention two of my notable favourites to peruse. (I think I’ve only ever used ‘peruse’ concerning physical pages… that felt weird).

First, M.C. Dulac’s page, my favourite subjects of theirs being the great and entertaining little flash fictions and even better illustrations. I love how the fictions move through light entertainment to narratives that make you think a little and contemplate the ideas that are being portrayed. The illustrations being equally humorous and inventive, usually draw out a little chuckle from me too. (Check out the most recent ‘Blogzilla’ ) This page is well worth your time.

Second, and lastly, is one of the most insightful pages I’ve come across on this place, both witty and in depth for such short articles, Michael Alexander Chaney is easily my favourite page on this place. I’ll do him no justice by writing about his work here, so just check it out instead. Great articles on literature, writing and publishing. Especially his ‘I Was A Teenage Sandwich, Or How To Be A Great Writer’ which is understandably the top post on his page.

Anyway, on top of  my initial thanks, I thank you yet again for reading away here! I might keep up this rambling shit if I find shit worth rambling about.



I was going to put a song here, but soundcloud won’t seem to embed for me today. Anyway, Active Child’s new EP is pretty good. Check it out.


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