I Swim In Hope That You Swim Too

I have swam seas before
and come close to drowning.
After all my moaning,
I have dived in another
with no life vest
or safety of a lifeguard.

Why do I swim
I ask at night,
for night I when I take respite
on the islands you call
your pupils.
You may see me pass by here
in dreams
and I hope you do.

By day, when dreams are done
and your eyes open,
I dive back into those
blue bulb beacons, for yes,
they hold a light
which I can see through the dark
and I swim in circles
not knowing, not caring, not needing
a destination.

The undulation of your waves
on my body,
caressing and comforting entices me
to go below; to explore deep sea,
and always when I rise, a raging storm brews
– and oh, how you wrestle the water about me.
Seven storms made me weary
that night
(for you wrestled me til the sun fell then rose)

There may be more dangerous storms
to come.
There may come a time when drowning
is a threat again.
So, why do I swim?
I swim so I can pass through your dreams
And have my own intertwine.
I swim so I can see your seas gleam
as they gaze into mine.


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