What Colour Are You? [Live Reading @ Grand Central Bar, Derry]


Myself reading my piece ‘What Colour Are You?’ live at the Grand Central Bar in Derry, Northern Ireland. Words below.


What colour are you?

Are you red? Are you blue?

The first for your lust,

the second for insight.

You could be vivid.


Do you fancy yourself a purple shade

or the brown and green the earth made?

Upholding spiritual roles of your own

or being that which forever grows.

You could live as the world.


Is it a smoldering  orange within you

or a yellow, illuminating all you deem true?

You’re the comforting warmth.

You’re the beacon for the lost.

You could be our safety.


With all your traits, precious spectrum of self,

you never thought it would be hell

to call him grey. Now, he is cold,

ash and dust. He is the shade of old.

He is the graphite residue of cheap words

and cheapest verse.


2 thoughts on “What Colour Are You? [Live Reading @ Grand Central Bar, Derry]

  1. Very nice. I read it first, then listened. Hearing a poem read by the author always adds so much insight to the authors original intent, such is cool. Sometimes, I like to see how different that can be other readers interpretations. I like how it this piece gathers momentum as it takes a turn to the dark side at the end. Grey. The shade of old. Nice one.
    As for me, I think I’ll try to stick to my yellows… 😉

    PS I like your accent too…

    • Thank you very much! I’m very partial to hearing poetry too – little better than hearing others read their work rather than simply reading it. It really does add a new dimension to the meaning! Haha, yellow seems to be a good path to take from this! Unfortunately, I’m rather fond of wearing grey. By my own words, I’m pretty screwed.
      And thanks! Rather, accepting thanks on behalf of Derry. Someone’s gotta like the accent, afterall!

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