Just a Quickie

Now, get your minds out of the gutter.

I’m just sending out a quick little thanks. First of all, for the support through followers and ‘likes’. Regarding the last post I made (of non-fiction or poetry) I want to reitify that I’m still keeping strong with the writing. I recently gained a total of over 200 likes from my posts, from you, and another modest but very satisfying total of 78 followers.

It may sound cliché, but you people do honestly spur me on to make some of my work public on here, and I’ve been writing with a small public audience in mind. You people. You have my entire creative gratitude.

I’d love to do another recommendations section here, but as I write this, I’m pretty limited with time. Maybe soon though! Oh, and I’d like to thank M.C. Dulac in particular for her nomination of myself and other great writers on here for a ‘Versatile Blogger’ award. You can visit her page here http://mcdulac.wordpress.com . I’d recommend it if you like your insightful little flash fictions and funny yet sometimes thought provoking illustrations.

Anyway, for now, I’m gone.
Thanks again and cheers for reading!



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