News From Cultureville – Bathed In Piss / An Introduction to N.I. Politics

Have any of you ever wondered about the mind-baffling climate of Northern Ireland and the politics that follow? Of course you have. While I had to learn about this in school, being from Derry, you can pretty much get the jist from this pretty humorous piece.

General LEFTY


A brief introduction to N.I. politics which will hopefully be useful to students of peace and conflict studies, and liberal Zionists.


(pic: punishment orb)


A long time ago in a constellation far, far away, in the prison system of ASBO, ruled over by the red super-giant, Betelgeuse 1916th – Our Fearless Leader, Maker and Destroyer of Worlds and Guardian of the Scriptorium of Market Stalinism – there was a little planet known to the inhabitants as Punishment Orb. The dominant species of this planet were the Homosapiens. They had wondered for a long time what crimes their ancestors had committed for them all to be placed on Punishment Orb for eternity. Most people reckoned that it must have been something really, really bad.

Punishment Orb was riven by war, disease, famine, pestilence and horrible infectious diseases like Fascism. The Homosapiens were prone to murdering each other for sport…

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