A More Personal Post, or: The Art of Being Nothing in Particular

This is possibly a more personal post than I’m used to putting up on blogland. (By personal, I don’t mean soppy and sentimental, so don’t worry if you feel inclined to read).

Basically, I’ve been reading and rereading works by Haruki Murakami (in lieu of being able to get his new novel) and just yesterday I came across an chalk drawing I did last year. Obviously, totally inspired by Murakami (more specifically influenced by ‘The Wind-up Bird Chronicle’ – one of my favourite novels of his). This entire post won’t be about Murakami, as much of a fanboy as I am.

Basically, I was living in England and we had a power outage at the time. Imagine it, I was enveloped in total darkness and the only thing I could think of was the protagonist, Toru Okada, down that well in the all-consuming, yet very particular, darkness. So I decided to try my hand at drawing his experience here with chalk, being in a similar kind of darkness.

Now, I’m no artist in the drawing sense, by any means, I gave it all up at about 15 or 16 (close to a decade ago now), but when I saw the picture in the light, I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I was never actually going to place it anywhere public, but my fondness has grown in absence of seeing it.

I just (re) finished a chapter today and decided the last line of it held most of the title for this wee bit of doodling:

‘here I am in the bottom of a well: pale darkness’

here I am in the bottom of a well: pale darkness

Now, the second and last part of this post is directly linked to a birthday gift I got not long ago from my girlfriend (and none other than Matthew Squires himself).

I got two personalised CDs from an artist I absolutely adore. I’m a huge fan of The Cure, and listening to his music is akin to my first listenings of The Cure: breathtaking.

Anyway – my girlfriend messaged his music page to inquire about getting me the first album with a personalised note – and he agreed. It’s no surprise to say that I was absolutely ecstatic when I was shown the CD – and even more so that he threw in his latest album and with a small letter written to me. I was over the moon. Then came the better part: the second album is amazing. I’ve listened to it non-stop.

The reason I’m saying this is that I really don’t think Matthew Squires and The Learning Disorders get the recognition that is totally deserved. Excellent song writing, interesting and beautifully naïve vocals (think of The Velvet Underground ‘I’m Sticking With You’), and poetic, well thought out lyrics. I wrote out a part from the new album during calligraphy practice today:

matthew squires, you are everything

Matthew Squires and The Learning Disorders – ‘An Ancient Voice’ from You Are Everything or: The Art of Being Nothing in Particular

New ink, by the way, and I’m not totally used to writing with non-matt based stuff, nor with my new dip-pen quill. Hence why it’s a little shady.

Another one of me having received said albums!

Anyway, check out his work. It’s phenomenal.




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