when that wee

massive voice cries,



It’s hard to hear

but listen or, please,

feel it.


it won’t be for long.

because it hurts to hear

and worse to




Right Now

When I was a kid I refused to go to bed.
Instead, I’d wait for my mother’s threat
‘I wish… I wish… I wish the goblins would take you away’
she’d say.


As I grew up, the Goblin King helped me address the fear,
kept me from hiding beneath the blankets.
The roles reversed and now
you have power over me, Goblin King,
clear to see as the world falls down
just because you left it.


And to anyone that needs it:
I wish the goblins would take you away. Right now.

In Time

I craved a place where silence
‘is mine!’ they’d scream in the place
before I left. But I’d never think it would be

where the stars can crash
through the skylight
and let me dream the universe.

Where I can awake to
a tired smile and eyes as flickering beacons.
Only then can I see the day.

And only then will I see that my way
worked out the tedious creases
in time.


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Haptic Antics (Excerpt)

Stimulate his mind, his thoughts

then stimulate through touch.

With haptic antics played you ought

to decide if he’s worth much.

For to touch is a way of knowing the world

and to feel it’s to understand;

then let him know you, solitary girl,

if you crave even the touch of his hand


**Haptics referring to non-verbal communication such as body language and touch.

[An excerpt from a larger piece written on March 2013] 

I might be finished posting older stuff for the day. Sick of my own words.