either way

funny funny funny

screamed at my eyes and maybe it is

or i’m selectively blind

or a sociopath because it’s funny

to them but not me

‘funny funny funny’

i scream then get weird looks

because you can’t say it’s funny unless

you’re a psychopath

or maybe it was my staring

in expecting acceptance

because i’m selectively blind

and I can’t see what’s

funny funny funny



Blind Inspiration

He dreads the day
he surpasses you.
Inspiration dies
and meaningless lines

The bird in flight
should always find
the illuminating sunlight
that brightens his prose to blind
all eyes.

(especially his own)

When he follows your path,
wings beating against his own weight,
become a meteor with a wrath
only stars could negate.

(blind his aerial path)


Cover the Tracks to Never Backtrack

I’ve watched too much leave
this place.
What if I face forward
on this journey?
I’ll see the end faster
than if I looked backward.
If I looked upon the past
it will always be there.

In the night haze I see nothing
and I’ve covered the tracks
which go back.