Decidedly Disconnected

No one is coming for you today.

Switch all communications to

‘dropping off the face of the earth’.

Today, for as long as you like,

fall languid through

the vacuum of language.

Decidedly disconnected.

Where the word void tells you:

No one is coming for you today.


You chose to fall far from the crowd

and snipped cerebral chords

holding many minds together.

Now they sing

in a foreign tongue

and out of rhythm:

No one is coming for you today.


Today, for as long as you like,

fall lonely through

all language connected,

(now consciously corrected)

where, on earth they waited

for you to choose

to come for them today.



with sweet malice they slice
or soften the core.
the cutting scorn negated by pressing passions.
it speaks in vibration manipulation,
in movements of little flicks and grand scheme gestures,
gleams of glistening yearning and dripping in loathing.
languid loving then quick cutting,
crosshair and shooting
silver bullets with cupid’s arrows.

the body’s natural polygamous polyglot.

kissing lust into submission,
throwing sharp retorts of poison.
us animals licking the wounds of the full hearted.
the unwanted
and adored.
the abhored and

some wounds,
as primal as the pulse,
need tended.

Sometimes My Language is Vulgar

Sometimes I swear a lot,
I admit that. But it’s not
because I’ve grown up that way,
not entirely anyway.

Sometimes it’s ’cause I’m down,
angry maybe or because the ground
I stand on just isn’t what I want
it to be. Sometimes I just can’t
find a word more fitting than ‘fuck’.

Sometimes the weather has me covered in muck
and the language comes out then too.
And sometimes, my luck
just doesn’t pull through
and I’m lonely
for another night
or two.

the grammar and all that

what annoys you mr ihategrammatical flaws?
whats that miss theapostrophehaslaws?
‘hes right to hate’ you say?
oh well you can both fuck right off
if you think im gonna lay
with your shitty rules of
omg that lacks clarity!

you understood what was said
so how bout you get off your high horse
and join us in going ahead
with progress – or stop internetting your e-hoarse
meaningless screams and progress a little.

oh and ‘cunt’ is one of the most profound little
words in our vocab. at least you got somewhere.