Decidedly Disconnected

No one is coming for you today.

Switch all communications to

‘dropping off the face of the earth’.

Today, for as long as you like,

fall languid through

the vacuum of language.

Decidedly disconnected.

Where the word void tells you:

No one is coming for you today.


You chose to fall far from the crowd

and snipped cerebral chords

holding many minds together.

Now they sing

in a foreign tongue

and out of rhythm:

No one is coming for you today.


Today, for as long as you like,

fall lonely through

all language connected,

(now consciously corrected)

where, on earth they waited

for you to choose

to come for them today.



D.D. had a way of saying nothing
even matters with
a deadening smile.


it tried to pry its teeth out by the rotting
spongy mouldy gums
to see if it cried.


the blood and pus that followed only served
to make the joke seem
oh so funny we could die.


the flow of comic bloody props had halted
but the laughter it would
carry through the night.


the jester starts again the next day
until there comes a time when
it itself can die.


but time forgot to follow little D.D.
is the punchline
rotting from the inside.


tried and failed and missing death but falls –
applause – the funny man
who always seems to smile.

either way

funny funny funny

screamed at my eyes and maybe it is

or i’m selectively blind

or a sociopath because it’s funny

to them but not me

‘funny funny funny’

i scream then get weird looks

because you can’t say it’s funny unless

you’re a psychopath

or maybe it was my staring

in expecting acceptance

because i’m selectively blind

and I can’t see what’s

funny funny funny



with sweet malice they slice
or soften the core.
the cutting scorn negated by pressing passions.
it speaks in vibration manipulation,
in movements of little flicks and grand scheme gestures,
gleams of glistening yearning and dripping in loathing.
languid loving then quick cutting,
crosshair and shooting
silver bullets with cupid’s arrows.

the body’s natural polygamous polyglot.

kissing lust into submission,
throwing sharp retorts of poison.
us animals licking the wounds of the full hearted.
the unwanted
and adored.
the abhored and

some wounds,
as primal as the pulse,
need tended.

Sentenced (XXI-XXVII)

Six little children and a timid wife

were the source of fourteen adoring eyes.

What they didn’t know was how I despise

myself unable to give a good life.

How could they have known my personal strife?

I didn’t want them to know, those sweet eyes.

I would raise them to a home in the skies

and they won’t even remember the knife.


But the eyes never stopped gazing at mine,

no longer a gaze of adoration

but with a look that scorns my selfish crime.

Lord, please save me from my mind’s mutation

and close their eyes which exist beyond time!

Or, forever, just close mine – please close mine!


Astronomical Love

he fell in love like the moon
tentatively following,
keeping distance,
always protecting
her from the barrage of asteroids
she would never see.

her orbit was his and
she guided his path as long as they lived.
his iridescent gaze was hers.
he would guide her nights
and help find the lost parts of her
in darkness.

who would have thought that
astronomical love wouldn’t last forever?
no one knows how it happened;
some say she froze over,
others say he stopped protecting her
and she was hurt.

they’re still friends.
she’s on the self destructive path and he
can only watch on.
he still protects her,
but he could never get close and
protect her from herself.